Sunday, March 22, 2015

Less exciting news

After two weeks of being swamped with Artfest (our school's annual art show), tests, essays, etc, etc. I couldn't write many poems, so all the poems I have, are terrible.

I did try, I really did, but since I was so busy working on other things, I totally forgot to write.  Which  is my own fault I know, but I didn't have any inspiration to write either, so everything just kinda fell threw my hands. Though, it does look like the next two weeks are on the less busy side, but we will see about that. I will try my hardest to crank out a few good poems to share with you guys, because it's almost time to get things wrapped up for the end of the school year, and it's almost speech time, so I have that to worry about..

So that's all for this week, I'll see you guys in two weeks, hopefully with poems!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Exciting News!

So, I was talking to my teacher, Mr. Provenzano (Sup, Mr. P!), and we started talking about officially publishing the book! It will most likely be an online book, downloadable through Amazon, and recorded as an official book in the Library of Congress! Big things are happening, friends.

With writing a couple of solid poems the last two weeks, I had a realization that if I was really going to publish this book, I would need to officially pick out a title, and figure out a layout. My dearest friend, Olivia, who also as a 20 time blog, which I will link at the bottom, has promised to help me with the layout! We've decided to include some of my photography, since I take a photography class at my high school! I've always talked about calling the book "Letters to Autumn", but I think I might play off that a little bit more. I've been considering actually writing 'letters' to this figurative person, and putting them as chapter markers! Also, I will probably include some of my better, earlier writings but we will just have to see about that one.

I have four (!!!) solid poems to talk about. Most of them romantic poems and all of them involving nature! I realize that I really love nature, and I write about crashing of waves that sounds like your heartbeat, and meadow eyes, and sunsets like a spirit. So, expect a lot of that!

The first one I wrote is called 'Something', which is basically a poem about a boy, duh, who has something about him, that's so wonderful and amazing, but I don't know what it is. Maybe it's this, maybe it's that. There's something special, and maybe it was just he found something special in me. It has a Not a lot of detail with this one, because it's super special for me, and I just want to wait for you guys to read it!!

This one is called 'Tempest",  which describes a girl, who is a storm. She is a raging storm, pouring down on you, flooding your senses, and you don't know how you are anymore because of her.

I would like to claim myself a forest fairy, which means I like things of nature, and my flower crown, which I wear every Friday. I just have been thinking a lot about having people see a certain part of me because I want them to, and I called it "Deep in The Forest", and it's about a forest fairy who lives and people know certain part of her, and none of these other parts, and she's just so sad because she's known by everyone and no one.

"Ocean" is a poem about someone who is so beautiful they are an ocean. They have an array of colors in their eyes that remind you of coral reefs, and stuff like that, simple, beautiful, powerful.

Well, that's it for this blog post! Here's the poem for this week, which is untitled.
I close my eyes and see starlight twinkling off your hair, and moonlight in your eyes, and everything is okay again.

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