Sunday, February 22, 2015

Look at me go...not really.

Okay, another break come and gone. Coldest break ever I would have to say. I had to walk around a college campus at nine in the morning for my sister, it was negative nine degree. That was fun. (Did you read the sarcasm dripping off that last sentence?) I chopped all my hair off, got my braces off, and in that became an entirely new person.

Anyways, I didn't write. I wrote maybe five poems, and only two of them are good. I am so sorry, this wasn't my plan, I just didn't have anything to write about, and nothing was coming to mind. I was so swamped with things I had to do also, so that didn't help at all.

I only have one poem to talk about. I still haven't named it yet, but I'm thinking "Meadows in your eyes". It's about someone who is so lovely, they have nature apart of every step they take. Flowers grow when they walk past, they are just so wonderful, that they have one of the most beautiful things in the world apart of them. I wrote about sunsets and oceans and everything I love about nature. I've always loved nature, I love everything about it. I have been lucky enough to meet people that are nature, they are just so wonderful that they just are nature.

Poem of this week is:
I love your eyes most, since they never grow old, even as the wrinkles around them slowly pile up. Eyes are the windows to the soul, and I want to know your soul forevermore.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

So Many Poems, So Little Time


So, I've written over twenty poems over the past two weeks! Exciting, I know. Comparable to the last month where I've written maybe six good poems, I wrote a good ten that I'm happy with. Not all of them will make the cut though, I had to pick the ones I felt so passionate about.

The first one I wrote is called "Castles".  I wrote this one at 2 a.m. when I couldn't sleep, but could write poems.  It's about a girl who built castle around her heart, and didn't expect anyone to come save her, and then when 'Prince Charming' did, she finally realized why everyone was so adamant that falling in love was the best thing in the world.

The next one I wrote is called 'Woods'.  This is based off Taylor Swift's song 'Out of The Woods', it's not the same, but similar. I actually love this poem so much, because it's kinda mysterious, and a little creepy. I wrote this one the same night that I wrote Castles, while everyone was telling me to go to bed, and I just couldn't. Both of these poems have some lines that just really stand out to me, and I don't want to reveal them because then that would be spoilers, and that wouldn't be fun.

The next poem I wrote is called 'Someone Else's'. The poem is based off this boy (duh) that I met when I was in second grade. He was my best friend for a long time, and I always seemed to have a crush on him when I was younger. I thought he was going to like me back. That was not the case, and he liked other girls, and I was 'heart-broken'.  I honestly couldn't care less about him at this point, to tell you the truth, but I was reflecting on how I felt when I was younger, and I thought he would be mine and I would be his. I realized that I was never his, I was someone else's, and even before I am someone else's, I am my own.

This one is called 'Eyes'. It's short and sweet, and I've always liked the eyes. As most people would say, they are the windows to the soul. I've been known to fall in love with people's eyes before any other part of them, so I wrote a little poem that reflected that feeling.

So, that's all for this week, not a lot, but considerably more than last time, I believe.
This is an untitled poem, but I like it, so here:

Your eyes are like nebulas,
And the freckles on your knees are constellations.
Don't let anyone tell you that you aren't beautiful,
When you have the beauty of the sun,
Trapped in your voice.