Sunday, December 7, 2014

Writing...writing...writing? (Week Four of Poetry)

I've written a few poems over the last two weeks. It's been such a relief to write poems, and other writings.  I've written three big poems that I have stuck out to me since I've wrote them.

One of them is called 'That Goddamn Saviour Complex', which I don't swear in my writing often, and only the title has swear. I actually based it off Big Hero 6, not gonna lie. A Saviour Complex (I did a lot of researched for this poem) is basically, the need to be a hero, and the need to save people. I wrote from the person opposite from this person, the one who stiches them up after they 'save' other people. They were upset because they are always fixing the person up, and they are just reopening wounds that they just fixed up. I showed it to a few of my good friends, and they all loved it, they told me it was really bittersweet. I did write some of a companion piece, based on the 'saviour's' point of view. I have to work on that more.

Another one I wrote was called 'Five Years Old Once Again', which was my 1 A.M, no sleep induced, I need sleep now, poem of the week. I think by the title you can tell what it is about, but I will go into detail. I was annoyed at how the world wanted teenagers to be, the 'High School Experience', getting high, drinking, and all that lovely stuff. I was ranting about how I wanted to be five years old , where I didn't know what this stuff was, and I was overflowing with imagination, and love for this world, where I wasn't judged for still being a little kid at heart. There are somethings about this experience that I wish I wasn't judged for not doing.

The last one that I know I will be putting in the book, is called 'I am Beautiful'. This one is very important to me because as a teenage girl living in a world with photoshopped models, being told to be as skinny as possible, don't do this, don't do that, no one will love you if you do what you want. Well, I spent my friday night eating pizza, scrolling through tumblr, then dancing around my room in my fancy dresses, winged eyeliner, and blood-red lipstick to Taylor Swift, so fight me. I wrote it, saying that I am beautiful, even though I was taught by society that I am not, and I was saying I am beautiful, even though I have freckles, and red hair, and all this stuff that a lot of people might not say is beautiful, but I have taught myself that I am beautiful, and they don't get a say in who I am, not anymore.

I also decided that I would end my blog posts with poems, that I am still deciding on putting in the book, so that you wouldn't want to get the book because I've already shown you the contents of the dang book, so this is a poem called 'Happy Garden'. (Not my best, but still one of my favorites)

I will plant this memory in my happy garden,
And I will watch it grow when I am upset, worried, or angry,
I will water it with happy thoughts,
and I will whisper it words of sunshine,
I will plant it in my happy garden,
And I will let it grow,
Until my happy garden is full of wonderful thoughts, and memories.